“If that ain’t the pot calling the kettle black!”

I have been called every name under the sun.  In days gone by, I have been called everything but the child of God.  As far back as public school, been called out of my name.  Ethnic slurs mostly, as I grew up in a building in Far Rockaway, before they became the ‘projects’.   And whenever I would come home teary eyed, and one time, bent over from a punch in my stomach by a caucasian boy on the staircase – my mother would always say these words:  “Chile, they talked about Jesus Christ”.

As I grew into adulthood, I have kept those words close to my heart…because yes…they did talk about Jesus Christ, so, I suppose I should suck it up…and carry my cross (whatever cross that may be on any given day) and keep it moving…but this latest was really too funny to pass up.

I would really like to thank ALL of you who pop in on my site, to read my meager words…to peek into my limited lived experience:   to learn from, to poke fun at, or even to despise.  You keep coming back for more, and I thank you.  It speaks volumes to the power of my words.

Now, I have been called a heretic, a blasphemer, and a distraction…and all of these from Christians, mind you!  and have borne them all with grace, realizing that I am dealing with a different type of ‘christian’, different types of human beings…who get a kick out of taunting and bullying, and all behind the cloak of the internet.   Now, I am a ‘pig’.   “Oink, oink”.

Now, I have gotten all kinds of hate … but THIS one, I just have to share:   Since “the man” needs to have his moment of:  “well, I told her!”  … (like to hear it?  Here it go!)

LOL what a “reverend” Why don’t you pass out chastity belts.What about being pure and chaste? Awwww the hell with that huh? Just wear your rubbers as communion.Do your bull-eevers put their condoms on in your “Church” and prance around with them on ?
You turn the Word of God into lasciviousness.You are a pig.
Shame on you.
Repent ! Ewwwwww

“Well, isn’t that special”?  (yes, in my church lady voice).

I am not going to respond to his accusations.  He doesn’t believe in something that I wrote.  And that is totally fine!

But here is what has me cracking up:  you have to type your name, and email in order to leave a comment on my blog.  His typed name:  “zibzab”.   “The man’s” email?  withheld@hmamail.com.

Zibzab not withstanding, you may wonder as I did… what is hmamail?  Of course geeky minds want to know and I googled it…

Hmamail” is an email service called “Hide My Ass Mail“:

Free disposable email service for receiving emails anonymously.  Receive emails, stop spam and protect your online identity.  When websites or persons you do not necessarily trust ask for your email address, give them one of our anonymous email addresses and hide your true email address and online identity.

I just had to laugh!, hee hawww, or oink!  Take your pick!

For the past year or so, I have been hearing from anonymous people, with alias’ who do not agree with or cannot understand what I am saying.   They gather in chat rooms and websites and gaggle and flap their lips.  They don’t know what it means to be honest and open and transparent…

Reminds me of something written in the Big Book,  (for recovering alcoholics – which I am for the past 24 years, a day at a time).  Specifically the chapter about “How it Works”…which talks about those who do not grasp the program’s simple edict of ‘honesty’… and why they will probably never recover:

There are such unfortunates. They are not at fault; they seem to have been born that way. There are naturally incapable of grasping and developing a manner of living which demands rigorous honesty. Their chances are less than average. There are those, too, who suffer from grave emotional and mental disorders, but many of them do recover if they have the capacity to be honest.


My name is Andrena Ingram, and I am the pastor of St. Michael’s Lutheran Church.  I love not only my congregation, but I love my community.

A pig?  I know I am (a gallant one at that)

…but what are you?

A Pig by Any Other Name… @hmamail.com
  • WayneB54 aka: Wayne Bristow

    Hey, you go girl, you tell ’em, teld him goooood! What a coward (hide my ass), and such a little man.

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