You may wonder what domestic violence has to do with having the virus. Well, it doesn’t, and it does! Which is to say, that just because you are a victim or survivor of domestic violence – does not mean that you will contract the disease, but it certainly can account for some things that may put you at risk!

In my young years, I witnessed a lot of domestic violence in my home. Back in those days, there really was not a lot of resources around…some were taught to *bear it*. I grew up thinking…it was what was to be…it was acceptable. And what happened? I ended up marrying the same type of person my father was. Controlling, abusive, insecure…and our drinking did not help. I was beat unmercifully. The marriage lasted for 10 years.

By the time the marriage was over, so was I.
My self-esteem shot. My pride shot. My self-worth shot.

Combine this with years of sexual abuse in the home … Combine it with alcohol and drugs…

I was a walking billboard that read:
“Use Me – it’s Okay, I’ve Been Used All My Life”
Trauma can be a component for HIV….

In any case, that’s a bit of my story and how it pertains to me having HIV or even being at risk for contracting it…

However if you are a victim of domestic violence, there are things you can do… check out this website (if you can safely do so)…

The National Domestic Violence Hotline

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