Trying to get up and get moving. Doctor visit in Center City, and wouldn’t you know it….it’s a sh*tty morning! Figuratively and LITERALLY.

It’s one of those days…. check out this article!
HIV and Diarrhea…It’s Sh*tty!

Some of these tips work. For the most part, I just try and deal. Probably have to add “Depends” to my sh*tty bag of tricks for days like this.

Doesn’t help that I have to take the bus in. That’s a whole lotta “clenching” going on. Imodium? No, makes me feel woozy.

Just clench and bear it.

TMI enough for you? Let me know, we don’t have to be friends. You’re on this journey with me, right?

The truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

By the way…have you been tested? Do you know your status? What about your community, especially your faith community? What, if anything are you doing for the folks in your community?

Not the perceived marginalized folks either…senior citizens are at risk, teens and young adults, as well as some Wall Street folks.

Get tested! Know your status. Help someone know theirs.

….oh, and protect yourselves. The Word of God is good….but honestly, people are gonna do what people do.

Be human.

Hugs and blessings on MY day. Gotta feed these screaming cats and be on my way.

#NoPity #JustTruth

Even in this…I SHINE!

The Bubble-Gut Dilemma
  • Sandra Renee Staton

    Well I know that some days are going to be worst than others but seeing you and my sister go through these things make me feel that my problems aren’t so bad

  • andrena

    Thanks for the comment, Sandra! You are right…and yet…I can say the same about things that others live through that are different than mine. The truth is, pain is pain…challenges are challenges…to whomever experiences them! Makes them no less important or valid than each others. We connect, to make the journey a little more bearable. Thank you for understanding!

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