Sean McKenna is my featured Guest Blogger this month. I was moved by something I read on his FB page. His is an important message for us all! Thank you, Sean!

30 years later I want a cure. Not a preventative and argument, but a cure!!!

Not just for white gay men but for everybody!

My resolution this year, is to make people realize that people ARE STILL DYING FROM AIDS! My friends who weathered the brunt of the storm have made things like PrEP possible. Not the Long Term Survivors you see on here, or in the news. Not the lucky ones with money and fame and energy and connections to make their lives something to live for, but the thousands of others still in the closet at home: Crying. Depressed. Isolated. Suicidal. Empty. Purposeless. Aging rapidly. Paralyzed by physical and mental issues; one of which is: Living with AIDS SURVIVOR SYNDROME!

My resolution this year is to get them help because between PrEP and Trans issues, issues I too am concerned about. Long Term Survivors, once again, as during our fight for marriage equality have slipped right through the damn cracks and WE ARE STILL DYING. There is no need to exclude us. All three issues can be dealt with at once.

Until there is a cure, we are all just Long Term Survivors.

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